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Human Extraordinaire

Who she is and what she can do for you


Human Extraordinaire


Curiosity didn't kill this cat

The things I've seen...

While I now see that all of my previous career paths prepared me for life behind the chair, growing up, cosmetology had never crossed my mind as a viable career path.


I gained experience in architecture, journalism, marketing, photography, food service, wardrobing, and retail management. All the while, I couldn't piece together why nothing seemed to have the proverbial click.


I did, however, always know three things had to exist in my future career:

1 - Blend of art and science 

2 - Make my patrons' day better when I saw them

3 - 'Revolutionize' the industry I'm in: make an impact

Yes, I take hair seriously

It all seemed to make sense now

After a fair amount of time behind the chair in two states (WA and CA), I was losing sight of how to make an impact. I adored my time with anyone sitting in my chair, but I felt like I wasn't able to adequately serve them.


So my brain started working. What was something I  was constantly looking for and couldn't find? Hair loss help.

And so, after I was certified by USTI (US Trichology Institute), JP Solutions was born.

Now, along with providing superior color and cut services, I'm here to present hard-to-find information and solutions regarding hair loss. Analyzing hair and the scalp literally makes me giddy. Plus, knowing I can help more people?

Double win!


Hair Nerd


Giver of the Knowledge


For real 

Don't be afraid

There is no question I won't answer. 


Want to know why the hair at the base of your neck seems to frizz more than the rest of your hair? 

Want to know if the latest "one-and-done" product will really give you the super fast results it's promising?

Not sure of the difference between hair thinning and shedding? 

Can't remember the score of the Kraken game last night?

Curious why your baby has acidic diaper deposits while they're teething? 

Seriously. Judgment free. No question I won't answer. 

Weird is way more fun


As you can see, I've dabbled.

It may seem that I have a bit of an indecisive side. Understandably so.

Instead, think of it as more like going on a quest to discover the right thing that makes my heart sing.

Along the way, I've picked up some really great tidbits as well as some fun stories, all of which allow me to connect better with you.


Being behind the chair has allowed me to wave my wacky flag -- I often either speak in or make reference to movie quotes at least 10 times a day -- while also providing a happy, fun environment for exploration, understanding, and growth.



Lover of fun

Fun facts.png


A few little morsels just for fun

Hair Nerd
Fact Freak
Lover of Fun
Fact Morsels
Jess Poynter Style & Solutions

The Space

Inside Sola

22833 Bothell Everett Highway

Suite 200, Spaces 23 & 24

Bothell, WA

Whether you're coming to get your grays covered and a haircut or a clinic light therapy treatment, everything will be tailored to you and your level of needs. On your day of appointment, a tasty beverage, a small snack, and a whole menu of add-ons will be available for your enjoyment. I can't wait to meet you! 

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